What is your CORE Business?

I am involved in Business/Corporate Services consulting for an Educational Institution- Group of Schools.

I am recommending that owning School Buses to ferry students from home to school & back is not part of the CORE Business of the Educational Institution.

The core business of a school is teaching and learning.Thus the focus of the school administrators should center on those core areas.

So how do we solve the problem of SAFE transportation of the students to & from school especially when Parents are willing to pay for it.

Solution-Partnership with Bus Transport companies ,Contract it out/Outsource.

Benefits to school-
a.Transportation Problem is Solved.
b.Educational Institution can make extra income from Partnership.
c.No distraction from Core Business i,e Driver Problems,Bus breakdown,Parents frustrations etc
d.Fund conservation(instead of buying buses) for use in core business areas.
e. Cut down on costs of keeping up with bus maintenance
f. No storage facility costs
g.No employee salary or benefits costs for mechanics or driver

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