Since I published a post titled WHAT IS YOUR CORE BUSINESS ? ,click on , I have been besieged by several inquiries.
However,my experience has shown that considering the immense opportunities that exist in the Nigeria economy (in various sectors) there is an urgent need for Start ups(and even mega companies) to engage in BUSINESS COLLABORATION to scale up their operations and to optimize RETURNS ON INVESTMENT (ROI) and RETURNS ON EQUITY(ROE).
Other Benefits of Collaboration include;
a.It Solves pressing Problems
b.Educational -promotes learning
c.Saves you Money while still giving you the benefits
d.Expands your Business Network
There are several companies in Nigeria that are well grounded but need local and foreign collaboration to succeed.
Are you a Nigerian or Foreign company interested in collaborating with Nigerian entrepreneurs to explore the huge potentials that exists in the various sectors of the Nigeria market i.e Education, ICT, Technology ,Marketing Communication,Advertising, Branding,Events,Media etc?Then send me a Direct Message so we can make it happen together.
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