Since the beginning of 2020,movies have been released by top movie studios. The purpose of this piece is to catch up on how these movies are doing so far in their various box offices.

Bad Boys For Life ruled the international weekend and surged past the $200m worldwide box office mark to reach $215m. The action sequel starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence grossed $42m internationally as the running total climbed to $95m. In a raft of number one debuts, it opened in Russia on $4.7m, France on $4.1m, Netherlands $1.5m including previews, Belgium on $1.4m including previews, Ukraine on $1.1m, Colombia on $1.1m, and South Africa on $1m including previews. The UK delivered the top hold as Bad Boys For Life added $3.5m for 10.7m, followed by Germany on $3.3m for $9.6m, Mexico $2.4m for $8.1m, Australia $2.3 for $7.6m, and Spain $1.2m for $4.1m. (screendaily)

Jumanji: The Next Level stands at $738m worldwide and added $9.6m internationally for $454m, fired up by a $2.3m second weekend hold in Brazil that raised the tally there to $8.7m.

Greta Gerwig’s Little Women is approaching the $150m global box office mark and stands at $147m, of which $53m comes from the international arena following a $5.6m session. The period drama opened in Mexico on $730,000, and has amassed $24.1m in the UK. Horror remake The Grudge grossed $2.5m for. $19.5m international running total. (screendaily)

In the weekend when 1917 cemented its status as an Oscar favourite, the First World War drama grossed $23.7m through Universal Pictures International and Amblin Partners territories for a $96.6m running total and combined with a $15.8m hold in North America, where the film has crossed $100m, to reach an estimated $200.5m at the global box office. On Saturday Sam Mendes was named best director by the Directors Guild of America, propelling him to the top of the pile in the run-up to the Oscars on February 9. The film is produced by Amblin Partners, DreamWorks, Neal Street Productions and New Republic Pictures. Universal territories generated $7.6m for $19.5m punctuated by a $1.5m number three bow in Brazil, and second-weekend holdovers in France ($2.4m for $7.4m), Germany ($1.5m for $3.9m), and Mexico ($969,000 for $2.9m). Amblin Partners delivered $16.1m for $77.1m. (screendaily)

Dolittle earned $13.2m as the Robert Downey Jr. family drama climbed to an early $46.4m, and $91.1m worldwide. It opened in nine markets, led by $1.9m for first place in Spain, and a chain of number two debuts in Asia where it produced $809,000 in Malaysia, $798,000 in Taiwan, and $780,000 in Hong Kong. In its second session Dolittle added $1.5m in Australia for $5.1m, and $953,000 in Indonesia for $3.6m. India has delivered $1.8m after two, and Colombia $1.6m. South Korea remains by far the lead market on $11.4m after three weekends. (screendaily)

Searchlight Pictures’ Jojo Rabbit has crossed $50m worldwide following a $6.8m session that boosted the tally to $54m. Taika Waititi’s film added $5.4m from international markets for $28.1m, and opened in Mexico in second place on $700,000, and arrived in Germany on $500,000 ($600,000 including previews). The UK remains the lead market on $8.1m, followed by Australia on $4.5m, Waititi’s native New Zealand on $3.1m, Italy on $2.2m, Japan on $1.6m, Spain on $1.4m, and Netherlands on $1.3m.

Blue Sky Studios’ Spies In Disguise is posed to cross $150m worldwide and stands at $147.8m. The animation grossed $6.9m for an $85.8m international running total and debuted in South Korea on $1.4m ($1.7m including previews), and arrived in Brazil in fifth place on $600,000. (screendaily)

Frozen II added $7m for $949.5m internationally and $1.4193bn globally, overtaking Avengers: Age Of Ultron on $1.404bn to rank as the tenth highest global release of all time.

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker crossed $500m in North America and used a $5.5m international session to reach $544.6m and $10.7m globally for $1.046bn. North America has generated $501.6m.

The Gentlemen opened in 20 international territories over the weekend, earning $3.1m for $22.5m. The gangster caper arrived in the Middle East on $658,000 and debuted in Taiwan on $482,000. It added $1.1m in the UK for $12.2m after four weekends and grossed $496,000 in Australia and New Zealand for $8.8m after four. (screendaily)

Knives Out grossed $2.2m from 62 markets for $134.9m internationally and $286.8m worldwide. China is top on $28.2m after eight sessions, followed by the UK on $16.5m after nine. Knives Out will finish its international rollout in Japan on January 31.

Miscarriage of justice drama Just Mercy brought in $1.5m from 20 markets as the international running total reached $3.4m and worldwide climbed to $30.5m. The film starring Jamie Foxx, Michael B. Jordan and Brie Larson debuted in Australia on $531,000, and added $338,000 in the UK to reach $1.4m after two sessions. (screendaily)

Compiled by Michael Osuji

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