‘La Fan’ Now showing on Telemundo

La Fan (The fan) revolves around the life of a famous telenovela actor and his faithful follower who is his number one fan. It tells the story of Valentina Perez, Lucas Duarte’s #1 Fan, a fun, cheerful, kind-hearted woman of humble means, who proudly presides as president of the Lucas Duarte Fan Club. An unexpected twist […]

“Body Language” a must watch nollywood blockbuster

Body Language, a thriller about a stripper living a double lie, is out in the cinemas. The highly entertaining movie tells the story of a cold-hearted, ruthless stripper. In “Body Language,” a mysterious stranger comes into a stripper’s life at the same time, a serial killer goes around town murdering ladies. One is left to […]

“Oyinbo Wives Of Lagos” set to premiere soon

From the stables of Linda Ikeji Tv, “Oyinbo wives of Lagos” follows the lives of six Nigerian women married to white men who live in Lagos. The drama, fights, friendship, laughter (yimu at the last two…lol), fights, drama and more drama is something like you’ve never seen before. Oyinbo Wives of Lagos reality show coming […]

“Sons of the Caliphate” Season 2 is here

The hit TV Drama “The Sons of the Caliphate” is back for a second season and will primiering at the EbonyLife TV and Film Festival holding in Lagos.     ‘Sons of the Caliphate’ is a political drama series based on the lives of three rich, entitled, passionate and ambitious young men, Kaliyah, Nuhu and […]