“Sons of the Caliphate” Season 2 is here

The hit TV Drama “The Sons of the Caliphate” is back for a second season and will primiering at the EbonyLife TV and Film Festival holding in Lagos.     ‘Sons of the Caliphate’ is a political drama series based on the lives of three rich, entitled, passionate and ambitious young men, Kaliyah, Nuhu and […]

New Movie Preview: “Make Room”

Hausa Movies are making a big move to the mainstream Nollywood scene with intriguing indigenous movies rolling out early this year, and one of them is the movie we are about to talk about;   Make Room is a hausa feature film which tries to highlight the strength of love and the power of dreams while […]

The Johnsons Nigerian Comedy – absolutely hilarious !

Recently I started watching The Johnsons, a Mnet Africa comedy/drama family TV sitcom. The Johnsons was probably inspired by “Everybody Hates Chris” as it has some similarities with the series. But, the show definitely has its own unique differences to EHC. The show is majorly focused on a family(The Johnsons) based in Lagos Nigeria, and […]

Telemundo Presents Woman Of Steel Season 2

The continuation of the series, Woman of Steel Season 2 will start airing on Telemundo this August. Woman of Steel “Señora Acero” tells the story of Sara Aguilar Bermúdez, a woman who goes from being an ordinary housewife to controlling a male-dominated criminal world. Respected by all and feared by many, she is known in […]

The Price Of Fame’ Premieres On Telemundo

Telemundo has disclosed ‘The Price of Fame’, a new telenovela that will take viewers into the alluring yet treacherous world of music, will premiere this month. The musical drama series follows the story of two brothers who, at the peak of their success in the music industry, find themselves torn apart by envy, revenge and […]

The Challenges of the Nigerian Film Industry- AY MAKUN

Nigerian comedian & independent filmmaker, AY Makun  discussed some of the obstacles faced by independent producers in Nollywood. AY who has produced 3 movies in his Akpos series: “30 Days in Atlanta”, “A Trip to Jamaica” and “10 Days in Sun City” noted that Nollywood was experiencing a significant increase in investments and popularity. AY […]

“Body Language” a must watch nollywood blockbuster

Body Language, a thriller about a stripper living a double lie, is out in the cinemas. The highly entertaining movie tells the story of a cold-hearted, ruthless stripper. In “Body Language,” a mysterious stranger comes into a stripper’s life at the same time, a serial killer goes around town murdering ladies. One is left to […]

“Oyinbo Wives Of Lagos” set to premiere soon

From the stables of Linda Ikeji Tv, “Oyinbo wives of Lagos” follows the lives of six Nigerian women married to white men who live in Lagos. The drama, fights, friendship, laughter (yimu at the last two…lol), fights, drama and more drama is something like you’ve never seen before. Oyinbo Wives of Lagos reality show coming […]

Wives on strike the sequel out in cinemas

The official trailer for Omoni Oboli’s new movie Wives on Strike: The Revolution is a must watch. In the sequel, ‘domestic violence has hit close to home and the women must engage the government or become the government. The situation, it seems, is impossible to ignore. Twists, drama, frustrations, and schemes make this tug of […]