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BEWARE!!!!Intellectual Property Rights in TV show formats.

The successful invasion of US television screens by the Armani-clad Anne Robinson and her Weakest Link game show has again highlighted the lucrative potential in game show formats. The Weakest Link has been licensed to 38 countries, and the agreements are expected to generate £30m for the BBC in the next five to 10 years. […]


Since I published a post titled WHAT IS YOUR CORE BUSINESS ? ,click on , I have been besieged by several inquiries. However,my experience has shown that considering the immense opportunities that exist in the Nigeria economy (in various sectors) there is an urgent need for Start ups(and even mega companies) to engage in […]

Top 5 TV and Movie Star Performances of 2017

2017… So far has been an amazing year! If you are a TV fanatic, you would have seen many fantastic shows on TV, and you will also realize that there are new names enjoying great prominence in Nollywood. The second half of the year already promises quite a number of series and some amazing films. […]

The Challenges of the Nigerian Film Industry- AY MAKUN

Nigerian comedian & independent filmmaker, AY Makun  discussed some of the obstacles faced by independent producers in Nollywood. AY who has produced 3 movies in his Akpos series: “30 Days in Atlanta”, “A Trip to Jamaica” and “10 Days in Sun City” noted that Nollywood was experiencing a significant increase in investments and popularity. AY […]
Banana Island Movie Poster

Banana Island Ghost Movie Premiere

Banana Island Ghost is the story of two people: a woman who must save her late father’s house in Banana Island if that’s the last thing she does alive, and a man who thinks he must have a soul mate to go to heaven. When this man, Patrick, dies in an accident, he begs God […]

Everything you need to know about Jenifa’s Diary

This series tells a story of a native village girl who desperately wants to get out of her ratchet way of life. In her desperation she leaves her village and goes to the city of lagos in order to process her visa to travel to the United States. Although unsuccessful with her visa application she […]

Top movies to look out for this year

Happy new year guys! Its great to have you back on this forum this new year 2018….. Trusting it would be a good and fruitful one for us all Yes! we are starting the year with a BANG! with a list of a few top movies you all should anticipate this year. Nollywood is rising, […]

Telemundo Presents Woman Of Steel Season 2

The continuation of the series, Woman of Steel Season 2 will start airing on Telemundo this August. Woman of Steel “Señora Acero” tells the story of Sara Aguilar Bermúdez, a woman who goes from being an ordinary housewife to controlling a male-dominated criminal world. Respected by all and feared by many, she is known in […]