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    In many states, you can also apply a wildcard exemption to your home. Through a Chapter 13 payment plan, any money provided to creditors will pay down the balance of the debt that existed at the date of filing, since all unsecured claims are frozen as of the filing date even priority debt such as tax obligation to the Internal Revenue Service and Maine Revenue Service. cash advance If your home has equity, the trustee has the power to sell it unless you can exempt that equity. payday loans This means that if your home has no equity, the trustee will abandon not liquidate it. cash advance In any case, wildcard exemptions for most states are very small. Once inside Chapter 13, the business will be expected to be managed properly, with adequate cash flow reporting systems and up to date tax reporting. personal loans In 18 states, a home can be owned by a couple as a tenancy by the entirety. Nonetheless, if a debtor can address the bookkeeping associated with Chapter 13, many businesses can recover and operate at a profit once free from old unsecured debt.</br>cash advance loans cash advance loans personal loans cash advance online payday loans online payday loans online

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